The company: Green WealthTech

Our mission is to empower individuals to make environmentally conscious and informed financial decisions. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to reliable financial advice and be aware of the carbon footprint associated with their money. Through our services and expertise, we aim to bridge the gap between finance and sustainability, ensuring that greener options are accessible to all and that everyone can actively participate in building a more environmentally conscious economy.

Our app is designed with various modules that cover essential financial topics, including Green financial decisions, retirement planning, investment management, emergency savings, and more. Through these modules, we aim to enhance consumer awareness, engagement in sustainable financial practices, and affordable access to personal advice.

On our way to innovating the financial advisory market, we are just at the beginning. That’s why we are looking for a motivated talent that will accompany us on this journey and celebrate the success together with us. Within our small team, you will find a dynamic and fast-moving work environment. Due to our early stage and rapid growth, you will take on a lot of responsibilities and have creative leeway in how to approach your tasks.

Role Description and Responsibilities

In your role, you will be working closely with the two co-founders on a wide range of responsibilities to further accelerate the high pace of growth. You have the unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the company’s way to develop and launch its MVP.

Reporting directly to the two founders, your mission is:

· To develop and manage strategic partnerships to grow the business, by communicating with potential partners and stakeholders.

· To constantly work on the business model and further develop the pitch deck and business report to visualize the new developments of the app and the business idea.

· To create presentations and support the founders in presenting them to prospective investors, clients, and partners.

· To conduct ongoing market research by identifying and researching potential clients, competitors, and strategic partners.

Competencies and Experience

· Your education: Currently completing a Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree, preferably with a focus on management, business, finance, or economics.

· Your experience: Desirable would be some experience in a start-up, a consultancy, or any background in the financial services industry.

· Your mindset: A proactive, entrepreneurial personality with strong communication skills and an interest in the financial services sector.

· Language skills: Fluency in Dutch and a high level of proficiency in English.

· A passion for the start-up and financial services sector.

· An eagerness to learn and join an early-stage business that wants to change the world.

· Tools: Expert-level MS Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) skills.

Why us?

We nurture your growth. Our employees are key to the success of Green WealthTech and that is why we want you to grow fast and assume greater responsibility.

Easy Communication. We are fostering open and direct communication lines, which allow us to advance quickly and promote the success of the individuals and our team.

Transparency. Due to the small team, you will always be part of or at least up to date about the newest achievements and developments.

Accountability and Feedback. Fostering open and direct lines of communication is crucial for the success of individuals and our teams, that is why we encourage people to speak up and maintain flat hierarchies.

Flexible working hours. You can decide when and where you want to work.