The company

Ingy is a global player in the smart-lighting industry. We have created a very innovative product that helps the largest lighting players in the world to extend their luminaires to be used as a backbone for a smart building. If you are thinking of a Philips Hue when hearing smart-lighting think again, we go far, far beyond this. Our playing field is entire hospitals or enormous logistic warehouses which we retrofit with a single wireless mesh containing all lighting nodes. And that is only the beginning, what we then do is we use the wireless chips in the lighting nodes to offer location based services, we for example track the location of all medical equipment in a hospital based on a radio tag that we attach to each device or we make google maps work indoors, based on our build-in Bluetooth beacon. But there is more: we deploy battery free and wireless sensors for temperature and window open/close detection which communicate through our backbone network, we count people using our light sensors and we check desk occupancy.

We are a small team, but everyone is highly capable, enabling us to punch significantly above our weight in terms of company size. People understand complex issue quickly and we often make decisions on the spot, which is possible as we show up prepared and we know our stuff. We value our people and there is a lot of coaching and mentoring available to help you master any part of the business or skillset you still need to train, but there is no place to hide and no room for any unawareness of your own strengths and weaknesses. Everyone that joins our company, finds this confrontational in the beginning, those that stay value the immense amount of learning and growth they experience at Ingy. This in no way means we do not value work/life balance (we generally stick to normal working hours, the odd exception left to the side), as a matter of fact we are very flexible in shifting working hours around our lives such a children/family/friend activity. It does mean that the hours we are at work are a few gears higher up then some might be used to.

The role

You will be the person ensuring all our technical work is delivered on-time, to high quality and to the expectation of our customers. Your typical daily activities would include:

  • Specifying test plans and reviewing test executions
  • Compiling release notes for upcoming releases
  • Planning and tracking the timing planned release
  • Planning activities of support and testing staff
  • Translating feedback from customers, support engineers and testers into feature request
  • Designing test strategies and experiments to isolate issues reported in support or testing to clearly defined and reproducible issues.
  • Reviewing bug reports from testers and support staff
  • Continuously improve our testing and quality systems
  • Act as a first point of escalation for customer issues and questions on upcoming releases
  • Present new releases and features to our key partners including providing all relevant documentation
  • Coaching and training of testing and support staff to develop their ability to create structured test plans, structured isolating issues and customer/end-user focus

Your profile

  • You have a technical background which includes working with the Linux command line, (embedded) software development and electronics. You can think conceptually within all three domains and are able to analytical isolate and issue or come up with structured test plans
  • You naturally bring process and structure to your environment; however, you do understand how to bring the right level of process at the right time
  • You have experience setting up quality systems for (embedded) software systems, preferably in combination with an ecosystem of different hardware vendors
  • You have customer facing experience in customer service
  • You have experience managing and coaching a team of less experienced colleagues and helping them to reach a higher level.

What we offer

  • Being part of an exciting startup just about to hit scale
  • Very flexible work from home / remote policy. The company is fully supports working from home / remotely (although we do have an office and do value seeing each other, which means we do expect you to be in the office regularly)
  • Flexible IT policy choose your own devices and environment
  • Flexible secondary conditions, choose between pension, car, cash, education, bike lease as fits you
  • Be part of a proper startup entering scaling phase, we have found product market fit and our product has been tried and tested, but we still have the flexibility to write a lot of the rules around how to scale our product