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When you join us at the StartHub (yay!), we will collect your personal details. We need this to request a pass so you can access your office, and we’ll share this info with the IT department. IT will then send you an e-mail with your personal VUNET ID which you will need to login to the VU Campusnet (wifi and wired).

Once you receive this e-mail (on the same e-mail address that you shared with us, check your spam too), you go to to set a password. The catch 22 is that you’ll need to be online to do so, so use your hotspot for a few minutes or use the visitors wifi as written down on the whiteboard in Kuyper.

Fixed it? You’re good to go online!

Wired network
Getting access via cable takes some more steps. Please check the manual below, in English and Dutch.

ENGLISH >> user instruction VU StartHub network

DUTCH >> gebruikersinstructie VU StartHub netwerk

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