About Bamboi

As a company, do you want to contribute to a sustainable and better world? Yes, of course you do. But preferably low-threshold, simple and cheap, right? No problem at all. With our products of 100% bamboo, defecating, washing your hands, printing and drinking coffee becomes a responsible party.

BAMBOI® was founded by Leroy Ranglek and Joseph Nickisch. Two students from Amsterdam who grew up together and shared a passion for grasping everything life has to offer with both hands. But how can that be when all the beauty around us is destroyed. The paths parted when we both started to study what we love. Our mix of experiences, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit developed into a dedicated duo ready for a new adventure.

We started BAMBOI® because we really give a shit….

Why the VU StartHub?

The VU StartHub fits Bamboi because here we are surrounded by people and companies who share the same passion for entrepreneurship. This is not only inspiring but we can also help each other. In addition, for almost two years we have been working from living rooms at our home and classrooms and sometimes even hallways at the VU. Now we can finally set up our own office at the StartHub and start receiving people. We are really looking forward to it!

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