About Bijlex

Dutch education faces challenges such as inequality of opportunity, overcrowded classes and a shortage of teachers. This sometimes forces schools to take extreme measures such as fewer classes or using substitute teachers. Bijlex’s mission is to tackle these problems and provide a solution.

Bijlex is developing an educational maths app based on Artificial Intelligence and mathematical models to help students work more purposefully. Our proposed app offers interactive maths exercises at every high school level, with students receiving feedback and explanations on their answers. Thanks to AI, this app can accurately identify mistakes and provide personalised guidance to prevent repetition of these mistakes. We constantly enrich the AI system with feedback from users and high school tests.

The feedback system works as follows. Imagine yourself as a student in 3 VWO. In case you make a mistake and end up with the number 4 instead of 5, for example, you normally don’t know what you did wrong and will have to figure it out yourself. Our app will improve this process by giving the learner precise feedback on exactly the mistake the learner made. As a result, the learner will be able to understand where the mistake occurred, learn from it and avoid this mistake in the future.

For maths teachers, our app also offers many benefits that will assist in supporting their tasks. Indeed, in addition to our feedback system, the app also includes other unique features such as collecting data from both individual students and entire classes. This data is obtained from individual and collective results and converted into an overview indicating exactly which subjects need more or less attention. This has great added value when drawing up a lesson plan, but mainly when determining which pupils can work independently and which need more attention from the teacher.

With this app, we aim for a more inclusive education system, where equal opportunities are offered to all pupils, regardless of their background and origin. Together, we are building a smarter, more efficient future for education.

Why VU StartHub?

At Bijlex, we value strategic collaborations, especially when it comes to promoting educational innovation. We are proud members of the VU StartHub community, which gives us access to an extensive network of education professionals, leading researchers and innovative start-ups.

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