About Biotech Booster

Biotech Booster brings together a unique public-private coalition of universities, academic medical centres, colleges and industry. This coalition will turn knowledge into valuable innovations faster and more efficiently. Biotech Booster does this by supporting promising new ideas in an early phase in a business-like way. Within Biotech Booster, researchers and entrepreneurs build ironclad propositions together. This ensures that knowledge and expertise from both are available simultaneously. Within Biotech Booster, the proposition and the team are given time and space to grow, resulting in new products and new entrepreneurs. Once a proposition is robust enough, the top entrepreneurs involved support the team in finding partners, for further growth through a start-up or as part of an existing company.

The VU is Spokesperson of the Build-up and Implementation Phase of the Biotech Booster programme. The Biotech Booster Project Office is part of VU IXA-GO and is located in the Starthub on the VU Campus. For more information about the Biotech Booster project, please contact the Biotech Booster Project Manager Keshen Mathura (k.r.mathura@vu.nl, 0643423289)