About Blooming Buildings

Blooming Buildings makes areas and buildings healthy, comfortable and inspiring through extraordinary planting. We do this for both the interior and exterior of buildings. Together with our client we determine which goals planting should serve: increased visibility, sustainability, biodiversity, happy employees or just a beautiful view. With a personal, high-quality approach, we show how necessary and wonderfully good greenery is. We are involved from start to finish: in the creation of a strategic green vision, planting design, construction and management. In this way we ensure that the quality remains high and all goals are achieved in a sustainable way.

Why the VU StartHub?

We joined the VU StartHub because we wanted to be in a sustainable environment with companies that also have strong growth ambitions and potential. The predecessor of our company, Green City Buzz Foundation, was part of “the Green Bend” and we had good experiences with that. However, the VU StartHub has brought us, in a short time, much more. First of all, it is nice to ‘belong’ somewhere, but there are also enormously interesting opportunities and links. Via StartHub we were approached directly by financiers, who are not relevant to us right now, but may be to others. We have noticed that StartHub has an enormous network, which is complementary to us, and that they think in terms of connections and are very quick to establish links. We immediately found a connection with our neighbors, media producers Jester & Wylde, who are originally biologists, and this has led to a lot of cross-pollination. Moreover, the VU is involved in many parties and developments, we now have the opportunity to look into this. Finally, we play a pioneering role in good urban greening and also look for connections with research. Now we have faster access to faculties that are relevant to us, such as IVM, the ASI, biology, urban planning, medicine, and that offers many opportunities for both us and our clients such as ProRail and Radboudumc.

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