About Capisoft

In the vibrant heart of the Zuid-as in Amsterdam sits the Vrije Universiteit. Together with the best software developers, students and teachers at the VU, Capisoft was created to make a difference in the software industry. We offer software solutions that fit the exact needs of your business at a competitive price. Our software is completely customized and can therefore be fully adapted to the needs of your organization.

Think of a lot of manual work within a large organization that can be automated and thus save a lot of time and money, complete customized CRM systems, a revolutionary app, an advanced or a simple website.

We bring your idea digitally to life!

Capisoft stands for Capital Software by which is meant that we make quality software that does not cost money but is capable of delivering money (capitals). For every budget we can look for a suitable solution.

Our approach

When developing custom software, we follow a rigid approach. We start by gathering your needs and requirements so that we get a clear picture of exactly what you expect from our software. Then our software developers get to work designing a solution that meets all your requirements. During the development process, we regularly consult with you to ensure that the software meets your expectations. In addition, unlike other software companies, we have competitive and clearly communicated prices so that you will not get stuck halfway through the process and will always be happy with the process and the result.

Besides your wishes, we like to think along how it can be even better than you have in mind. Often our expert sees many improvements and possibilities that you yourself had not thought of! Even if you have no idea what you want and are just running into a problem or have an unfinished idea, we can take the process off your hands from A-Z.

Our Team

Our team consists of university-trained and university-teaching software developers with extensive knowledge of various programming languages and systems. Their expertise allows us to deliver software for any purpose imaginable. Whether developing a simple billing application or a sophisticated CRM system, we have the knowledge and experience to turn your requirements into workable software.

We also have a team of designers, copywriters, online marketers, videographers to provide you with the best quality throughout the process. Often software developers by themselves are not commercially minded or very design oriented. Therefore, we have a team of experts in each field to ensure that everything is made optimal for each purpose.

Our Customers

Over the past year, we have delivered custom software to a large number of satisfied customers. From small enterprises to large international companies with the crowning glory being an assignment for the royal KPN: we have experience in developing software for organizations of all sizes. Our customers appreciate our personal approach, fast delivery and high quality of the software we deliver.

Get in touch with us

Are you interested in having us develop custom software for your business? Feel free to contact us for more information or a free quote. We are here to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice for your organization. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why we choose the VUStartHub

We choose the VU StartHub so that we are at the heart of the Free University in order to attract the greatest talent. Software innovates constantly. Someone who graduated 10 years ago may have outdated solutions. That is why it is important that we stay close to the heart of the latest developments, the computer science students as well as the teachers at the VU are up to date with the latest developments and so we can always create the most efficient customized software for our customers.