VU StartHub is a pavilion on the VU campus that can accommodate about 30 VU startups. A vibrant place for smart people with business ideas. Who know where to find each other to spar and exchange experiences and network. The location is highly visible and differs significantly in appearance from the rest of the buildings on campus. For startups that like to maintain contact and network within the VU community. Join us for a coffee sometime!

The pavilion is intended for early stage startups that have registered with the Chamber of Commerce. The startup must be science based and there must be a link to the VU. Are you not that far along yet? Then take a look at the Demonstrator Lab, they will help you further develop and shape your business idea. Or consider joining Amsterdam Startup Launch, the program that helps you from business idea to business plan through interactive lectures with experts and entrepreneurs.

The VU StartHub is developed by the team of VU Entrepreneurship & Impact. They also provide the programming and are responsible for keeping the community vibrant.

The VU StartHub is intended for early stage startups. If you have a Chamber of Commerce registration and there is a link with the VU (knowledge, personnel, strategic spearhead), please contact us! We offer 3 memberships within the VU StartHub:

  1. Resident membership (permanent office)
  2. Flexible membership (workplaces) and
  3. Virtual membership (no workplaces).

All memberships provide access to (amongst other things) the VU Alumni mentoring pool, the use of meeting rooms and the business address. Please download our VU StartHub factsheet for all details.

Contact us here and we’ll explore which membership suits you best.

Are you not quite ready yet and would you first like to spar about your proposition with some experts? And further develop your product or service offering? Then sign up for the Demonstrator Lab.

VU StartHub

on the VU campus

VU StartHub - VU Entrepreneurship & Impact

the courtyard garden