The winners of the first edition of the VU + ASIF Student Startup Competition 2022 are revealed!


Bamboi, by Leroy Ranglek & Joseph Nickisch, as Best VU + ASIF Startup (made possible by Pfizer)

  • €3000,-
  • 6 months office space in the VU StartHub (small unit, worth €3000)
  • Delegation to the European Student Startup Competition Stage Two

Madglove, by Madalina Riurean, Cara Knott & Jeremiah Makinde, as Best Social Entrepreneurship Startup (made possible by VUvereniging)

  • €2000,-
  • 6 months office space in the VU StartHub (small unit, worth €3000,-)

ReAlliance, by Bouwe van Neerbos & Max van Velzen, as Best Sustainability Startup (made possible by VUvereniging)

  • €2000,-
  • 6 months office space in the VU StartHub (small unit, worth €3000)

In addition, all winners will be offered a mentor from a VU alumni entrepreneur and support in finding funding from ASIF.

A total of 8 startups pitched during the VU + ASIF Student Startup Competition:

  • ReAlliance
    ReAlliance creates circularity in the packaging industry by incentivizing consumers to return packaging to a collecting point, and thereby creating a sorted clean wasted stream for recycling.
  • Healthnetwork
    Healthnetwork provides a set of guidelines that allow people to make well-informed choices about what is right complementary medicine for which patients.
  • Dizordat
    Dizordat is a social media platform aimed at inciting users to debate, share opinions, get feedback and connect on all sorts of topics and in the most interactive way.
  • Madglove
    The goal is to develop an orthotic device in the form of a glove that can be used at home, to improve the hand function of people that suffer from spasticity. The aim is to get the spastic hand into a functional position for a better grasp.
  • Bamboi
    Bamboi created organic toilet paper made from 100% sustainably sourced bamboo. Each roll is CO2 negative, free from deforestation and completely chemical free.
    There are multiple diseases correlated to the same symptoms. SIMPLEX is a software with an algorithm that matches the symptoms with a list of potential diseases.
  • FireDynamo
    FireDynamo is a single-tree based simulation software that considers the terrain and weather conditions to accurately predict the fire propagation.
  • Binqy
    Binqy is the online tool for organizations to detect burnout at an early stage using professional questionnaires based on research and expert input.

The jury consisted of:

  • Davide Iannuzzi: Chief Impact Officer VU
  • Quinty Vermeer: President ASIF Ventures
  • Hans Drenth: Director VU StartHub
  • Danil Blinov: BU Lead Inflammation and Immunology Pfizer
  • Frans van Drimmelen: President VUvereniging

The 2022 winners have been announced! Bamboi, Madglove and ReAlliance won great prizes.

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Student Startup Competition!

The 2022 winners!