The Demonstrator Lab is an entrepreneurship laboratory where you can turn your ideas into a tangible product or service; a learning environment open to students and employees. The goal is to foster entrepreneurial culture within the university, to encourage research-driven innovation, and to give VU students and staff the opportunity to hone their idea at no cost. The Lab’s strength comes from active involvement in the research community and the opportunity to access a wealth of facilities – not only in research, but also in product development.

The Demonstrator Lab is open to students, staff and researchers from all faculties of the VU and Amsterdam UMC. The Lab is run by Professor Davide Iannuzzi and his staff. They will help you through the entire process from idea to product: from forming a team to developing a prototype. Through its extensive network, the Demonstrator Lab can provide you with all the tools to assess the viability of your business idea. The team supports you in all critical phases.

Signing up is not difficult; you just need to send an email with your idea and contact details. A business developer from the Demonstrator Lab will then contact you about your idea and ambitions.

Are you already further along with your business idea and do you already have a CoC registration? Then take a look at the VU StartHub.

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