About Datacation

Datacation is a data science start-up consisting of a team of data engineers and data scientists, all with backgrounds in Econometrics, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. We call ourselves the IT nerds with a social character; as a data consultant it is extremely important to have soft skills in addition to technical skills. In this way we are the bridge between the data and the business because we are able to explain the mathematical models in a comprehensible way, which creates support within the organization. We believe that a project can only be successful if the domain knowledge of the client and our technical knowledge are combined in co-creation.

Team Datacation carries out assignments for ING, Albeda, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, and UMC Utrecht, among others. In addition to these organizations, we also support several medium-sized companies in their data-driven work. Some applications of our projects are the earlier and better detection of pancreatic cancer based on CT Scans, optimization algorithms for better predicting bookings of conference rooms and meeting rooms, automatic reading of vehicle registration certificates and text on car tires, predicting market-based prices of garages for car maintenance and repairs, automatically reading key text data from millions of emails, building recommendation systems for food delivery platforms and fan shops, recommending a data strategy plan, and visualizing data in dashboards for multiple applications.

Datacation is a family with a top-notch sports mentality and has proven itself in multiple industries. We are dedicated to data!

Why the VU StartHub?

When we heard through the professors at the VU that this opportunity was on offer, the entire team was immediately very enthusiastic. A place in the Zuidas is very interesting for several reasons. First of all, because of our collaboration with UMC Utrecht and discussions we have with other hospitals, it is very nice to be opposite the AMC. This will strengthen the connection with the AMC and offers a great opportunity to test our AI algorithm on data from another hospital as well. Secondly, we have had a number of discussions with MSc Data Science students from the VU. Unfortunately, it turns out that Eindhoven is just a bit too far to get to and from Amsterdam. A nice place in the StartHub would therefore be ideal for us to grow into a scale-up. Thirdly, the network in Amsterdam offers a lot of opportunities for us to get in touch with new customers. Finally, the StartHub community offers us mentors who will help coach and support Datacation where needed!

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