About Deloitte

At Deloitte we see that the life sciences and healthcare industry is on the brink of large-scale disruption. COVID-19 has revealed how vulnerable the life sciences and healthcare industry is to change and its need for structural and technological transformation. We see the existing health system transform from treatment-based reactionary care towards prevention, personalised care, and well-being through new types of early diagnostics and novel point-of-care technology. The traditional boundaries of the industry dissolve and new roles emerge. This offers opportunities for new forms of collaboration in partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem.

Building on its 175+ year history, Deloitte spans more than 150 countries and territories. With more than 345,000 people worldwide, Deloitte provides industry-leading audit and assurance, tax and legal, consulting, financial advisory, and risk advisory services to nearly 90% of the Fortune Global 500® and thousands of private companies. Around 24.000 of our skilled professionals are active in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry and together they contribute to a proven track record of providing best-in-class service to the life sciences industry, regulators and care providers. Our professionals deliver measurable and lasting results that help reinforce public trust, enable clients to transform and thrive, and lead the way toward a stronger economy, a healthier society and a sustainable world.

Why a partnership with VU Entrepreneurship & Impact?

A good example where research, technology development, entrepreneurship, network, funding, knowledge and talent come together and where new partnerships are born is reflected in the LS&H Innovation Center. The core of our partnership is that Deloitte opens its national and international network to the start-up and scale-up community, so that collaboration can be established more quickly and the right connections can be made with research centers, key opinion leaders, corporations, care providers, regulators, and other institutes. Moreover, Deloitte will support the initiative with strategic direction and governance, strengthening the value proposition and business case, and with providing expertise to the program the Centre offers to its ‘customers’. As Deloitte, we already play and active role in the LS&H ecosystem within the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam. With this initiative we want to increase our involvement in the region and make a meaningful contribution to the healthcare ecosystem and to an healthier society.

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Deloitte - partner VU Entrepreneurship & Impact

Bart Klijsen, director IXA VU-VUmc, with Aida Demneri, Life Sciences & Healthcare Leader at Deloitte, flanked by Johan Stuiver, Director | Strategy & Innovation – Public sector at Deloitte and Hans Drenth at VU Entrepreneurship & Impact