Over Dotpin

Dotpin is an innovative app for help with study choices. This help is important and badly needed: choosing wrongly has negative financial and mental consequences. And yet there is little help at hand: private tutoring is too expensive for most people and in high school there is usually too little time for study help. Our vision: by digitizing study help, it becomes accessible to everyone.

The Dotpin app contains all recognized study programs at MBO, HBO and WO level, enabling pupils and students to broadly orientate on a suitable study. We do this because the new career landscape requires that broad vision: ‘the only way is up’ is no longer always desired or demanded. Today, a step aside or ‘down’ can also mean advancement if it allows you to achieve deepening and broadening of knowledge, to meet a demand from the labor market or to become more in line with your own interests and values.

In addition to training, the app also offers career coaching questions, tests, skills, notes and exercises: all aimed at stimulating exploration and fostering intrinsic motivation. The UI/UX design plays an important role in Dotpin and is based on the “Connecting the Dots” principle.

The demand for help with study choices is present throughout the career. The fact that the profession ‘Student Advisor’ is ranked #6 on LinkedIn’s Jobs in Emergence 2022 top 15 shows this need well. However, we have chosen secondary education as our target market in this first phase of development.

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Waarom de VU StartHub?

We felt at home from the beginning: the energy, drive and atmosphere within the StartHub is fantastic and we are proud to be a part of it. Our goal: to be able to collaborate with and learn from students, mentors, researchers, experts and other start-ups. We also have the ambition to develop Dotpin in co-creation with scholars, students and education. And of course the VU StartHub offers a wonderful environment to make that happen!