About Effect Healthcare NL

Effect Healthcare provides an intuitive data analysis tool for clinicians and the hospital to understand healthcare processes and model the impact of proposed changes. Combining deep clinical expertise with the power of data is what Effect Healthcare stands for, and how we will bring meaningful improvement ideas to the hospital faster.

Why the VU StartHub?

Effect Healthcare was founded by two childhood friends Duncan Jansen (data analyst) and Lars den Ouden (physician). We are both VU alumni and see an opportunity to use our knowledge, our network, and our expertise to make healthcare more sustainable. However, we cannot do this alone! Landing a good proposition in healthcare is not easy, but with the right support, facilities and entrepreneurial atmosphere, we are convinced we will succeed. We therefore look forward to a great collaboration VU StartHub!

Making care measurable, how? Then get in touch soon with duncan.jansen@effect.healthcare of lars.den.ouden@effect.healthcare