Enactus VU is a non-profit student organization and part of the global Enactus network, spread across 36 countries. More than 65,000 students are members worldwide and are actively engaged in setting up social enterprises. The goal of the organization is to create a better and sustainable world. Currently, 6 social enterprises are active.

Most members are part of a project team. This means that they are responsible for setting up or running one of the five social enterprises. With their entrepreneurial approach they make social impact in and outside of Amsterdam. In addition, we place great value on personal development and team building. That’s why we organize Team Meetings, Feedback evenings and activities throughout the year.

Meld je aan!

Enactus VU is for VU students who are looking for an educational challenge, but also a fun and friendly student organization next to their studies. As a member you keep yourself busy for 8 hours a week running or setting up a social enterprise, or you are part of a committee.

You can also become a Friend of Enactus for €5 per month. You will then have access to an interesting workshop every 6 weeks and access to a networking event twice a year.


Doe mee!

Enactus VU is looking for new (board) members every year, check the site for vacancies and apply at info@enactusvu.nl.

Also take a look at the Amsterdam based student investment fund ASIF Ventures. By and for students.

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