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Invest in talent recruitment

Connect with top talent through student challenges, startup competitions and pitch presentations. Be present in our communications and socials. Provide guest lectures, or adopt an Honors course. Contact us about the possibilities.




Connect with the startup ecosystem

Be present where the entrepreneurs of the future are working on their startups. Help entrepreneurs by offering them coaching. Participate in pitch events as a juror, commit to startup competitions in the Netherlands and Europe. Let's discuss the VU partnership possibilities.




Load your brand with the right values

Profile yourself among 30,000 students and 35,000 entrepreneurial alumni. Charge your brand with innovativeness, competitiveness and entrepreneurship. Support the strategic goals of Sustainable, Diverse and Entrepreneurial. Send us a mail to explore the possibilities together.

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Partnerships - contact met Hans Drenth - VU Entrepreneurship and Impact

Hans Drenth – Partnerships & Entrepreneurial alumni

Discuss the partnership possibilities

A partnership with VU University Amsterdam takes many forms. The starting point is that we enter into it together and that we both benefit from it. Contact us and we explore which partnership best suits you.

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