We make health testing simple and easy with on-site testing, in our measurement room at the VU or conveniently from home and provide digital results with lifestyle advice within days.

By now we know. Healthy living reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and metabolic syndrome. So we live as healthy a life as possible. Right?

Fitsurance makes health testing easier and more accessible than ever

With Fitsurance you can easily measure your own health at home, on location or in WN-F264 and work towards a healthy future with a personal analysis and personalized advice. Take control in your own hands.

Test your own health in 15-60 minutes

The Fitkit is sent to your home for free, or you come to WN F264 for a measurement

  • Personal analysis of your health and vitality
  • Receive personalized advice with tools and tips
  • Scientific support
  • We help with tips and inspiration to improve your health

Your test results will be analyzed by us. You will receive the results immediately (in case of a visit) or within a few days (in case of a home test) and a concrete personal advice on how to get started. We help you with tips, inspiring stories and advice to improve your health. This way you take control of your life and you will be fit for the future.

Fitkit for your organisation

Improve the health programme for your employees: with Fitsurance you contribute significantly to the well-being of your employees. By empowering employees to take their health into their own hands. Give them the ability to do lab tests from the comfort of their own home. Fitsurance’s measurements are created on the basis of the latest scientific insights and immediately and very precisely map out the areas for improvement on which employees can work. This gives them a personalized plan for a healthy future.

This significantly reduces the chances of burn-out, stress, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You can’t give someone a better present.

Why the VU StartHub?

We believe in joining forces and creating a healthy ecosystem. By collaborating with other initiatives, results can be achieved faster. Aside from signing up as a mentor ourselves, we are also hugely curious about what StartHub’s mentors can do to help us get to the next level!

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