About INGY

INGY develops software that makes light sensors intelligent and through these light sensors makes buildings smart. This means that once the lighting, with INGY sensors of course, is installed in the building, customers have an energy-efficient lighting system and the building is immediately equipped with a wireless mesh network that forms the IoT backbone in the building.

Once installed, the INGY lighting control solution unlocks a wide range of smart building functions, including:

Climate control:
Monitor the performance of the heating and cooling system.
By linking presence data to the heating and cooling system, they will only turn on when someone is in the building or a room.
Enable users to find spaces that match their climate preferences.

Occupancy analysis:
Optimize space utilization, in the event of a no-show of a booked consultation room, the room will be reported off ‘available’ again after 10 minutes.
Reduce energy consumption in unused spaces (turn off appliances and heating or cooling).

Indoor navigation:
Help visitors find their way.
Help support staff navigate to an incident location.

Asset tracking:
Optimize the use of medical equipment.
Monitor inventory levels.

Energy monitoring:
Gain insight into energy consumption by area and even down to the device level.

About the VU StartHub?

A famous quote is, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” INGY strongly believes in ecosystem thinking. To go far you need to work together, the VU StartHub is the place where innovative thinkers, mentors for advice and young talent come together in one place and this inspiring environment will help and encourage us to make INGY a great success.

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