IQVIA – Together driving healthcare forward

IQVIA, known as The Human Data Science Company™, contributes to more innovative, better and more efficient Dutch healthcare. In close cooperation with hospitals, companies and the government. Together Driving Healthcare Forward.

Making healthcare a little better every day. Together with all our colleagues and our customers, we combine data with technology and artificial intelligence. With this unique combination, we enable hospitals to learn from their own data, we help companies with research into new medicines or medical devices and we provide the government with targeted healthcare insights.

Why a partnership with VU Entrepreneurship & Impact?

IQVIA seeks the connection with all parties in healthcare. We do this on the basis of our core value of ‘curiosity’. Supporting the VU StartHub of the Vrije Universiteit fits in with our vision – continuous innovation. We also support education and the personal development of (future) employees. Cooperation with universities is therefore of great importance to us. We do this on the basis of our social responsibility and attach great value to it. Together driving healthcare forward.

Learn more about us: send Everdien a message at Or see our website.

VU Entrepreneurship & Impact - IQVIA

Hans Drenth with Everdien Derksen, Director Healthcare IQVIA Nederland