About Mozo

Mozo offers hospitality entrepreneurs and their guests a completely new digital experience at the table. The all-in-one solution for the hospitality industry. Easy and efficient!

By means of the mozo platform every entrepreneur is able to personalize his profile to his own liking. Add by means of a simple drag & drop system your menu, socials, events or for example your vacancy link. The possibilities are endless!

With a simple and accessible connection of the mozo products we provide more efficient, fun and easy communication between guests and the hospitality industry. With a simple touch of the phone, every guest can get the right information at the right time.

Learn and optimize. Receive useful insights through usage statistics, allowing your business to be even more efficient in the future. Receive customized reports and find out who is at your table and where your guests’ interests lie!


Why the VU StartHub?

The choice for the StartHub was easily made. The place where starting entrepreneurs, students, mentors and partners of the VU come together to make an impact.

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