About PersonalAIze

We specialize in health and healthcare solutions and use advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve operational efficiency and personalize care. For efficiency improvement, we mainly focus on optimizing healthcare planning, processes and administration. Our goal is to develop software applications that can save the valuable time of medical professionals by automating administrative tasks, using intelligent scheduling and making suggestions when completing patient data. For personalized care, our focus is on developing personalization modules for preventive and self-help programs (e.g., apps) that can adapt these programs to users to maximize outcomes. In addition to these products, we also offer consulting services in data science and artificial intelligence with an emphasis on the health domain.


About the VU StartHub?

Since our team includes several VU professors and graduates, we have a natural connection to the university and strive to maintain the academic mindset, always striving to increase our knowledge. Moreover, this can also be a great opportunity for entrepreneurial students in relevant fields.

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