About Pfizer

Pfizer Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation. The company was established in 1849.

Pfizer develops and produces medicines and vaccines for immunologyoncologycardiologyendocrinology, and neurology. The company has several blockbuster drugs or products that each generate more than US$1 billion in annual revenues.

The company ranks 43rd on the Fortune 500[7]

Almost 80 000 employees are working in more than 100 countries.

Why a partnership with VU Entrepreneurship & Impact?

We do value our collaboration with VU University as a unique opportunity to look into the future by the eyes of the generation which will rule the transformation into the new Healthcare paradigm. We are thrilled by the unique chance to experience the change together and to build up innovation which will help the patients to live better and longer, to reduce sufferings, to decrease inequalities, to help societies to resolve the most burning questions connected with people’s health. The platform of open collaboration developed by VU is definitely the one which strongly resonates with Pfizer values and our ambitions to change the world for better.