The Faculty of Religion and Theology trains journalists with the “Training Religion for Dummies”: when you know too little about it, but have to deal with it. More and more journalists have to deal with religion or topics that are influenced by religion in the exercise of their profession. During the course, questions such as: what is the difference between a priest and a minister? And what is the difference between a nikab, hidjab and a chador? The Biblebelt, where is it exactly? And: are Happinez women religious or spiritual? Over eighty percent of the world’s population is religious. That is a real eye-opener for most participants. And that Christianity in the Netherlands is getting smaller, but worldwide it is growing, is something most people do not realize.

Read here the article in Visie that appeared in March 2019.

The training is intended for all journalists whose work involves religion and religious groups. Who may not have grown up with it themselves, but do need to interpret it and place it in a context.

The training is provided by experienced specialists from the Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Free University.

If you are interested in the Religion for Dummies training, please contact Miranda van Holland.