Soilmates do not see themselves as a company, but as people. One group of people with one mission: a healthy body on a healthy earth. You, me. They. Him. Us. All Soilmates. The first Soilmates are Jasmijn Rijcken, Dave Le Roux and Sander Breedveld. With different backgrounds at companies like Bloomon, VanMoof, PwC and Deliveroo, the three driven entrepreneurs join forces. Together, they strive for a healthier future for us all. Jasmijn: “As long as you share the same mission, you are a Soilmate. Ha: maybe you are one already?”.


Soilmates love ugly avocados. Because more than 20% of all avocados are thrown away. A huge waste. Farmers all over the world give avocados water, time and love. But only the finest are selected for the supermarket. Soilmates save the ugly ones and give them a new purpose. Because even ugly avocados contain just as many good nutrients. In this way, all Soilmates help farmers earn more money per piece of land. They help the earth gain more respect for its resources. And they help consumers to make a healthy choice.


is a bottle full of pure power. The oil is chock-full of natural antioxidants, omegas, vitamins and unsaturated (the good ones!) fats. Even at high heat, all the nutrients remain intact, up to 270°C. Impressive for a 100% natural oil. No additives, no preservatives and completely vegan. So yes, it is the healthiest oil there is. Even better than coconut oil and olive oil. The power oil is one-for-all: frying, grilling, wokking, roasting, BBQing… The subtle taste intensifies the intensity of all dishes. Handy if you want to eat healthy every day.


How difficult is it to eat healthy? Fake facts, fables: what is truth? The Soilmates thought: there must be another way. It has to be easier. Everything our bodies need grows and flourishes on earth. So the Soilmates go back to their roots: rediscover it, use it wisely, and make it more accessible. This way, they gain more insight into their value. Knowledge they immediately share with all Soilmates. They call this Soil Science. After Healthy Oil, more products will soon follow.


We are happy to be part of the VU StartHub ecosystem. Learning from other entrepreneurs and having access to a broad network is very important if you want to grow. The fact that the VU facilitates this is something unique.

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