About Vega Express

During the pandemic, we in the Netherlands ordered more food than ever before and we too had delivery people turn up with the most delicious meals. However, the supply of vegetarian food was rather limited and that while the number of flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans is increasing daily. Something had to be done about it, we thought!

At Vega Express we prepare the most delicious vegetarian comfort food and we also deliver it warm to the front door. Vega Express is located exactly where two growing markets intersect; (1) the number of vegans, flexitarians and people who are open to vegans, and (2) the home delivery market. Our value proposition is based – besides the fact that we find these kinds of initiatives very important to combat the climate crisis – on 3 personal observations; (1) vega(n) is often surrounded by a ‘hipster’ or ‘alternative’ stigma, (2) vega(n) is often quite expensive and (3) meat dishes are hard to beat in terms of taste. We want to show how tasty, but ‘normal’ vega(n) can be!

Our team consists of three enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, Mareijn, Job and Guus. We met each other during our bachelor Commercial Economics in Leiden. With a minimal starting investment, little experience in the hospitality industry, limited cooking skills, but full of energy we started this project. During the first months our food was well received and the reviews and the number of orders were overwhelming, so now the task is to maintain this level (and improve of course!).

Why the VU StartHub?

We have big ambitions with Vega Express and where our young and open-minded outlook is often an advantage, it also brings uncertainty. We just miss a bit of knowledge and experience from time to time and that is exactly why we are so happy to be part of the VU StartHub! Our hands are itching to get started with the coaches!

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