About STEP

Stop emissions, never step into a gas station again and STEP with us!

The roads are full and fuel is no longer affordable. While the municipality of Amsterdam, among others, is working hard to allow as much emission-free traffic in the city as possible by 2025, the demand for alternative means of transport is rapidly increasing. Sustainability and climate-friendliness are a plus.

STEP is the first and only provider of electric scooters in the Netherlands. We strive for a zero-emission future by changing our travel behavior, or better said, to improve it. The electric scooters from STEP run on sustainable electricity and are made of recyclable materials. Moreover, they improve the streetscape and livability in cities and neighborhoods.

The electric scooters of STEP are the best alternative to the car, bike, scooter and public transport. They take up much less space on the street and on the road, making them the means of transport for the environmentally friendly cities of the future.

Small changes make a big difference, so STEP with us!

Why the VU StartHub?

STEP stands for environmental friendliness and sustainability. This fits perfectly with the character of the VU StartHub. In addition, the VU StartHub makes it possible for us to learn from others and develop ourselves in a vibrant startup community. We are therefore very excited about our collaboration.

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