About Roland Berger

Roland Berger is an international strategic consulting firm, with approximately 2,400 employees in 50 offices across 34 countries. In Europe, we are among the top 3 strategy consultants and among the top 5 worldwide. Roland Berger was founded in Munich in 1967 and has had a Dutch office in Amsterdam since 2002 with currently 120 employees. Our Amsterdam office works in many different sectors. We support our clients on various topics such as strategy, restructuring, market analysis, growth opportunities, cost reductions, mergers, acquisitions and larger transformation processes. The experience backgrounds at Roland Berger are very diverse and the culture of the Dutch firm is known as young, energetic, collegial, entrepreneurial, professional and sharp.

Why a partnership with VU Entrepreneurship & Impact?

Globally, we commit to 3 core values: Entrepreneurship, Excellence and Empathy. In the Netherlands we feel most comfortable with ‘Entrepreneurship’. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We understand the challenges of entrepreneurs and put that into practice every day in our collaborations with large companies, startups and universities. A collaboration with the VU – where entrepreneurship is also central to its core values – is therefore a very logical one. We share the ambition to translate the ideas and creativity of students into successful businesses and the passion to challenge and guide budding entrepreneurs on their way to success. And finally, we share the same location – the VU StartHub and our office are less than 500 meters from each other.

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Roland Berger - partner VU Entrepreneurship & Impact

Hans Drenth with Maurits Prins, leader of Amsterdam Startup Launch on behalf of Roland Berger