About Green WealthTech

At Green WealthTech (GWT), our mission is to empower individuals to make environmentally conscious and informed financial decisions. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to reliable financial advice and be aware of the carbon footprint associated with their money. We strive to provide individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to make wiser financial choices that align with their values. By raising awareness of the environmental impact of financial decisions, we enable individuals to contribute towards a more sustainable future. Through our services and expertise, we aim to bridge the gap between finance and sustainability, ensuring that greener options are accessible to all and that everyone can actively participate in building a more environmentally conscious economy. Our app is designed with various modules that cover essential financial topics, including Green financial decisions, retirement planning, investment management, emergency savings, and more. Through these modules, we aim to enhance consumer awareness, engagement in sustainable financial practices, and affordable access to personal advice.

Why we choose the VU StartHub

Green WealthTech as a startup with high social impact chose VU StartHub as a base because it offers access to research facilities, expertise, and collaboration opportunities with faculty and students, fostering innovation and accelerating the development of sustainable solutions while benefiting from a supportive academic ecosystem.