About TrEE

TrEE (Transforming Entrepreneurship Education) is a joint initiative of six European higher education institutions. Our purpose is to transform entrepreneurship education in Europe, to decouple it from the creation of (high-growth) businesses, and instead put its (creative) potential to work to help enact more just futures, for ‘people’ as well as ‘planet’.

Jointly, we are working on setting up a Teacher’s Academy to – eventually – reach this goal. Phase 1 involves a co-creation process that should deliver relevant course designs and teaching materials.

Why the VU StartHub?

Because VU StartHub perfectly fits our ambition as a dynamic community consisting of relevant startups. This cannot but serve as a source of inspiration, and contribute to the envisioned co-creation process!

Read more on our website: www.transformingee.eu.

Contact info: tree@vu.nl or drop by at A1-08