VU Amsterdam is bursting with data that can make teaching, administrative and facilities processes more efficient and, therefore, make your work easier. So why aren’t we using it on a massive scale yet? With the VU initiative ‘Smart Campus LivingLabs’, we are bringing together researchers, support staff and students to explore how we can use this data to create a sustainable and social campus. So that together as a ‘Living Lab’ we can make the VU campus the ideal place to study and work, activating our “entrepreneurial and broader mind”.


Erik Boer:
Mark Siebert:
Our approach is data-driven, project-oriented and connects initiatives and partners. In dedicated projects student teams under the supervision of connected researchers optimize existing practices, like usage of study rooms, or develop new insights, like analysis of the studiegids (study plan), and suggest new services, like energy savings for buildings.
VU Smart Campus is closely connected to the VU vision of an Innovation Campus.
The VU SmartCampus Activator Team is supporting projects and interested people across the Campus.
Everybody is invited to join with thesis or research projects and to explore with us in our Speaker series:
Next event: 
When: Tuesday, 8 March, 12.45 p.m. – 1.45 p.m.
(meeting ID: 931 1809 9294, passcode: 282350)
Join us on a virtual walk through LivingLab projects at the Marineterrein and discover the power of analytics for campus development. Tom van Arman and Tom Griffioen will touch upon open (research) questions of our future Digital Society and illustrate opportunities how connected data can deliver new insights, while respecting privacy.
About the speakers
Tom van Arman is Smart City Architect based in the city of Amsterdam. As an urban planner and technologist, Tom uses IoT, AI, API’s and open data to as a design tool to create more liveable and inclusive cities. In 2010 he founded Tapp, an award winning smart city design agency enabling local governments and industries to bridge the gap between the built environment and new digital landscape. Tom works regularly with local governments, energy companies and mobility partners to rapid prototype solutions to solve problems for the 21st century city.
Tom Griffioen is co-founder of the VU spin off Clappform. Clappform is a software analytics company that enables companies to use artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in their daily operations and become smarter.
Clappform is a data analytics platform active in various sectors including the built environment, which enables companies to use Artificial Intelligence in their daily work. The flexible cloud-based platform enables the extraction of valuable insights from both structured and unstructured data. Using the AI algorithm, the data from the sensors is analysed and then visualised in easy-to-use dashboards. The visualisations are real-time and updated automatically.
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