Why join the VU StartHub community?

  • located in the heart of the VU campus
  • part of a vibrant startup community
  • affordable rent, including energy, internet
  • use of meeting rooms, business address
  • access to the VU alumni mentoring pool
  • easy access to the VU community (talent)
  • meetups, network meetings, social gatherings
  • virtual membership possible as of immediately

These startups are working on their entrepreneurial dream with us


We just really love food: delicious, affordable and healthy.

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VU StartHub - Clappform


Become the data-driven company you strive to be

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vu starthub - fitsurance


Low-threshold customized health measurements, with advice.

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Mozo - VU StartHub community member

Liion Power

We develop smart chargers for Li-ion batteries so they last longer

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We host serverless containers using demand driven AI-based scaling.

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VU StartHub - Blooming Buildings

Blooming Buildings

Growing urban space into happy, sustainable places using great green.

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STEP - VU StartHub community member


A zero-emission solution as an alternative to the car, scooter and public transport.

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Bamboi - VU StartHub community member


Switch to bamboo toilet paper and contribute to a cleaner world.

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Spullenbaas - VU StartHub community member


Sustainable and carefree earning from your old stuff.

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Impackt - VU StartHub community member


Impackt turns your recycling hurdles into competitive advantages.

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Biotech Booster - VU StartHub

Biotech Booster

A public-private BioTech coalition of knowledge institutions and industry.

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Madglove - VU StartHub community member


Madglove a subtle, easy-to-use, customisable glove.

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Young Advisory Group - VU StartHub community member

Young Advisory Group

A consulting firm that provides the answer to complex issues.

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Mozo - VU StartHub community member


Lighting control helps buildings become more sustainable, healthier and smarter.

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Vini Mini - VU StartHub community member

Vini Mini

Healthy dietary supplements that help prevent food allergy.

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Mozo - VU StartHub community member


The easy and efficient communication launchpad for the hospitality industry

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Datacation - VU StartHub community member


A team of whiz kids with the necessary soft skills, dedicated to data!

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debetastudent - VU StartHub community member


deBetaStudent, de brug tussen studenten en bedrijven.

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TREE - VU StartHub


Transforming entrepreneurship education across Europe.

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Dotpin is an app helping highschool students to choose the right education.

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Nxt.Gen+, a VU StartHub member


Strengthens primary and secondary education with real-world tech competences

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Clinical decision support for better decisions at the ICU bedside

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A nice 3:44 min film about the construction of the VU StartHub :-)

Partnerships - contact met Hans Drenth - VU Entrepreneurship and Impact

Hans Drenth – Partnerships & Enterprising alumni

Discuss the VU StartHub membership opportunities.

We offer 3 memberships within the VU StartHub: 1. Resident membership (permanent office) 2. Virtual membership (no office). 3. Flexible membership (hotdesk). All memberships provide access to the StartHub community and events; resident- and virtual membership also gives access to VU Alumni mentoring pool plus the use of meeting rooms and business address. Contact us and we will discover which membership suits you best. Or read more in our VU StartHub factsheet.

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