About Young Advisory Group

Young Advisory Group (YAG) is a consultancy firm run entirely by students. With an interdisciplinary view, the consultants solve complex problems for both public and private organizations and currently YAG Amsterdam has already successfully completed more than 80 projects. In addition to the consultancy work for companies that can use a fresh look, all students are also entrepreneurs in the organization. YAG has a completely flat structure in which everyone is an entrepreneur and free to start initiatives. Furthermore, all consultants are trained by renowned partners such as McKinsey, BCG, Roland Berger and Berenschot, who also assist YAG during projects.

Why the VU StartHub?

The VU StartHub is a place that suits YAG for several reasons. First, many YAG consultants are VU students themselves, combining their academic learning with practical practice. Because the StartHub is on VU premises and offers access to knowledge from the VU network, there is a good match with the academic nature of YAG. Second, YAG is closer to future student consultants by locating at the VU StartHub. Finally, YAG wants to help entrepreneurs within the StartHub with our fresh, interdisciplinary perspective and we would like to be helped by other enthusiastic entrepreneurs in areas where we can still use additional knowledge.

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