Looking for an internship at a start-up/scale-up? This is your chance.

On Thursday the 23rd of November, between 12-4 PM, you are welcome to meet a lot of the start-ups located on the VU Campus, during the Internship Market at the VU StartHub.

Come prepared ūüôā
1) check out the profiles of the participating start-ups
2) bring a stack of printed resumes

We hope to see you!
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*we will keep updating this page until the internship market starts, so keep an eye out for newly added internships.

If may be very crowded at times; make sure you leave behind your resume at the start-up(s) of your preference.

The List of start-ups and their internships

Vini Mini
“We are looking for enthusiastic, curious world-changers who want to contribute to our impact startup¬† during their graduation project or internship! Our vacancies are for the field: Marketing & product
development. HBO or university-level marketing (food & product management, media, information, or communication) education, and you would like to gain practical experience.
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Looking for legal / business / computer science / ai students
Research case law regarding fines.
Operational and technical internships.
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Wellness Companion 
We are at the forefront of developing an AI-powered mental health assistant to support mental health workers. Our solution aims to provide continuous, accessible, and potentially life-saving support during regular and critical moments. Our Multimodal Language Model (MLM) AI tool revolutionizes mental health support by seamlessly integrating audio, video, and text. With an innovative approach, our tool introduces AI for heightened engagement and integrated user feedback.
We are looking for:
* AI Development Intern: A person with a background in machine learning and natural language processing to help build an MVP.
* App/Web portal Development Intern: Create app for users and portal for mental health providers;
* UI/UX Design Intern: To focus on the user interface and experience, ensuring that the app is intuitive, user-friendly, and aligns with the intended audience’s needs.
* Marketing & Social Media Intern: work on creating brand awareness, strategizing and executing social media campaigns, and analyzing their impact.
* Business Development Intern: Focused on identifying partnership opportunities, market research, and understanding the competitive landscape.
* Regulatory & Compliance Intern: Considering that the app will be classified as a medical device, this person would assist in ensuring the app meets all necessary regulations and standards.
* Content Creation & Curation Intern: Responsible for crafting engaging content for the app, and possibly a supporting blog, helping users understand complex mental health concepts in easy-to-grasp ways.
* Customer Support & Feedback Intern: Interacting with early users, collecting feedback, addressing queries, and ensuring a smooth user experience.
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We are looking for a creative person to join our team to help with the front end design of Tangle platform. Student who is passionate about UIUX design and has an eye for quality. Knowledge of figma would be ideal.
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We have the following research question for the intern (prefer Pedagogische wetenschappen or similar social sciences):
How can a (playful) contract form between parent and child for undertaking more activities on a regular basis contribute to a better parent-child relation?

1 Material Science Intern
Roles & Responsibilities: Work closely with the lead material scientist to test and analyze potential materials for footwear. Conduct laboratory tests and document results. Assist in the development of the responsive mechanism for impact protection. Research new material innovations in the footwear industry. Desired Qualifications: -Pursuing or completed a degree in Material Science, Chemistry, or a related field. -Laboratory experience, especially related to textiles or polymers. -Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
2 – Product Design Intern
Roles & Responsibilities: Assist in the design and prototyping of new footwear models. Collaborate with the material scientist and fabricator to ensure designs are feasible and align with material capabilities. Participate in user testing sessions and gather feedback for design improvements. Create detailed design documentation and sketches. Desired Qualifications: -Pursuing or completed a degree in Product Design, Industrial Design, or a related field. -Proficiency in design software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or Adobe Creative Suite. -Passion for sports, especially football, is a plus.
3 – Marketing & Social Media Intern
Roles & Responsibilities: Manage and update Postdator’s social media profiles, including creating content and engaging with followers. Assist in the development and execution of marketing campaigns. Conduct market research to identify potential customer segments and marketing opportunities. Collaborate with the team to develop branding materials and promotional content. Desired Qualifications: -Pursuing or completed a degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field. -Familiarity with social media platforms and marketing tools. -Strong communication and writing skills.
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Have you ever walked around campus to find a study spot but couldn’t find any? Had to go to a class but walked around for ages to find the classroom? Or have to go to a new building but don’t know
what time it closes? A lot of students have this experience. In fact, in the national student survey in the last 5 years, the #1 complaint is study facilities on campus. We are trying to solve this with our
web app called PLEQ. We give you a virtual 3D Model of the Campus with real-time information about how busy places are. This way, you can navigate directly to the best and available study spots on
We are looking for a Backend developer, Frontend developer and a Social media marketing student. (Computer Science Marketing or Communications UI/UX Design)
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Mozo offers hospitality entrepreneurs and their guests a completely new digital experience at the table. The all-in-one solution for the hospitality industry. Easy and efficient!
Looking for: computer scientist and developers.
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Technical Engineering/Design Internship & Business/Marketing/Entrepreneurial Internship for a Medical Hardware Product.

Looking for a plant biologist: research internship for bioremediation.
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1- Biomechanical Engineer:Work hand-in-hand with the biomechanical team on hardware development for sports monitoring.
2- Business Developer: In order to help us improve our sales funnel, operations and processes, social media presence, but also overall management, PULSE is looking for its next Business Development Intern.
3- Software Developer: Work hand-in-hand with the software development team on a sports management platform and mobile app.
4- AI:We are expanding our AI team with another member who can assist us in developing our AI/ML model aiming at preventing injuries and maximising performance in elite athletes.
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Two potential interesting Master thesis topics:

+ Walk with a tag through an office full of people counting sensors and establish the height and orientation of the sensors based on linking the sensor reported X,Y coordinates to the detected tag locations.

+ Show a proof of concept demonstrator where we can deliver an update file for a secondary chip over Wirepas, by cutting the update file in smaller pieces transmitting it over Wirepas and writing it to the secondary chips one piece at the time.
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Effect Healthcare
Looking for a student with a quantitative background, or computer science background. Increasing the capabilities of our advanced simulation model (options: resource/cost simulation,inclusion of a balanced scorecard). We also offer multiple opportunities in front-end development.
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Liion Power
Science Business Innovation intern; Feasibility study for implementing our technology for more sustainable charging of Li-ion batteries in the rapidly growing market for e-bikes and e-scooters.
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1. Front End Development Internship: An internship focused on assisting in the creation and maintenance of user interfaces for web applications, with an emphasis on React.
2. Marketing Internship: An internship involving various aspects of marketing, such as market research, social media management, content creation, and campaign analysis, to support the
organization’s promotional efforts.
3. Business Development Internship: An internship with a strong emphasis on sales strategies, lead generation, market research, and business growth, with opportunities to actively contribute to the
company’s sales efforts.
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We are deBetaStudent, a platform run by a student board. We aim to bridge the gap between students and businesses by offering guidance, tips and job opportunities for beta students. Our platform is constantly growing, and with currently 23 partner companies, we have many interesting internships vacancies. Are you interested in STEM internships, or want to know more about deBetaStudent, come visit us at the internship market!
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Marketing Internship, Polymer Research Internship, Physics/Mathematics Internship, Thermal Data Analysis Internship, Business Development Internship.
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De Spiegelonderzoek
Students from 1. Social Sciences and Humanities 2. Data Science and Analytics 3. Linguistics and Communication 4. Public Policy and Administration 5. Business and Management 6. Information Technology and Computer Science 7. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

1. Community Research Internship
Duration: 6 months
Focus: Participatory research methodologies
Description: Interns will engage directly with community members, including refugees and marginalized groups, to design and conduct research that informs policy and social initiatives. They will learn to navigate cultural sensitivities and apply ethical research practices.
2. Data Analysis and Research Design Internship
Duration: 4-6 months
Focus: Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
Description: This internship offers hands-on experience in data processing, statistical analysis, and visualization. Interns will work with cutting-edge software and contribute to the development of research designs that mitigate unconscious bias.
3. Fieldwork and Ethnography Internship
Duration: 3-6 months
Focus: Ethnographic research and fieldwork
Description: Interns will conduct fieldwork, employing ethnographic techniques to gather rich, qualitative data. They will learn to observe, interview, and interact within various cultural settings, gaining insights into the lived experiences of diverse populations.
4. Language and Cultural Mediation Internship
Duration: 3-6 months
Focus: Interpretation and translation in a research context
Description: Suitable for linguistics or language studies students, this internship focuses on overcoming language barriers in research. Interns will provide translation services and cultural mediation, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility of research processes.
5. Social Policy Research Internship
Duration: 6 months
Focus: Research for social policy development
Description: Interns will analyze social policies, evaluate their impact, and contribute to the creation of evidence-based policy recommendations. They will engage with stakeholders to understand the policy landscape and identify areas for innovation.
6. Research Communication and Advocacy Internship
Duration: 4-6 months
Focus: Communication strategies for research dissemination
Description: This internship is designed for students interested in the intersection of research and communication. Interns will develop strategies to effectively disseminate research findings to a variety of audiences, including policymakers, academics, and the general public.
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1.Quality Control and Student Engagement Intern. Conduct quality control checks on educational materials and exercises to ensure accuracy and clarity.Collaborate with the content development
team to suggest improvements for enhancing the educational content. Assist in creating engaging and interactive exercises that make learning math fun for students.
Provide feedback on the user-friendliness of educational materials and suggest improvements.https://vu-ondernemend.nl/vu-starthub/
2. Research intern. Conduct online market research to identify potential schools to target. Conduct research on competitors and industry trends to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,
and threats. Collaborate with the content team to research and propose ways to make educational practices more efficient and effective.Explore and present potential growth opportunities and
strategies for the firm’s future development.
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Photosynthetic B.V.
Photosynthetic is a deep-tech startup revolutionizing the world of tiny 3D prints. By combining Computer Science and AI with Physics, Chemistry and (Optical) engineering, we can comfortably print structures on the tip of a human hair, much faster than has ever been possible before. Our technology unlocks the massive potential of microneedles, microfluidics and many other applications, by allowing scalable production for the first time.

By joining our team, you will not only get the chance to help build the future of 3D Printing but can also learn what it means to start your own company.

We currently have room for a total of two interns, for internships of at least 4 months. We think the topics below are interesting, but feel free to suggest an alternative.

‚ÄÉ‚ÄÉChemistry Bachelor or Master:
* Novel photopolymer resin formulations for disruptive micro-3D-printing.

Science Bachelor or Master:
* Investigating the Printability and Performance of Microfluidic Devices fabricated via Volumetric Lithography

AI / Computer Science Master:
* Implementing and testing 3D reconstruction algorithms on different microscopy data sources: multi-focus imaging, confocal microscopy and structured light
* Implementation of machine learning methods for end-to-end prediction and optimization of micro-scale photopolymerization processes in volumetric 3D printing.
* Many other challenges available

Electrical Engineering, Optical Engineering
* Many challenges available

Business / Legal:
* IP analysis of the competitive landscape, possibly followed by suitable strategy setting and implementation
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We use digital microfluidics and electrowetting to streamline multistep liquid handling applications. By facilitating automation and miniaturization of protocols, we give you a fine-grained experimental control.
Internships: Molecular & Computational Biology, Startup Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Data Science, Electronic & Mechanical Engineering.
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We make health testing simple and easy with on-site testing, in our measurement room at the VU or conveniently from home and provide digital results with lifestyle advice within days.
Looking for: Programming UI/UX, algoritmes and contect for WebApp. WebApp is a data-driven preventive lifestylecoaching platform, including modules for behavioral change in the domains of physical activity, diet, sleep, stress and purpose.
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Flash pathology
We use quantum optics to instantly image human tissue enabling Point-Of-Care histology and decrease Time To Diagnosis (TTD) and Time to Treatment Initiation (TTI). We have prototypes in use in the field and have demonstrated the feasibility and viability of the technology. Next steps include improving the user interface by (automation of) contrast optimization and improvement of image rendering speed.

For commercialisation of the technology we are looking to substantiate our proposition using Health Economics/Technology Assessment as well as a Market Access strategy. Therefore, our open Internship positions are:

AI / Computer sciences
-CUDA(-equivalent) medical imaging improvement (4-6 months)

Health Sciences
-Health Technology Assessment for Point-of-Care Histology (4-6 months)

-Health Economic Evaluation for Point-of-Care Histology (4-6 months)

-Market Access for Point-of-Care Histology (4-6 months)

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100% forest-friendly bamboo toilet paper, contributing to a better world, just from the toilet.
Looking for: Social media manager, content creator, marketing, data analysis and optimisation

Internship at Bamboi: Building the Bamboi Brand


We are seeking a dynamic and motivated intern to join our team and contribute to the development of our sustainable toilet paper brand made from 100% bamboo. This internship offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in sustainability, e-commerce, and digital marketing within a fast-growing and environmentally conscious company.  


  • Sustainability Practices:
    • Research and stay updated on industry sustainability standards and practices.
    • Assist in ensuring our products meet and exceed environmental certifications.
    • Collaborate with the team to identify and implement additional sustainable initiatives in our business operations.
  • E-commerce Knowledge:
    • Contribute to the optimization of our online presence, working closely with the Bamboi team.
    • Assist in managing and updating product listings on our website.
    • Learn and apply best practices for e-commerce platforms, including order processing, inventory management, and customer interactions.
  • Digital Marketing Skills:
    • Support the digital marketing team in creating engaging content for social media, blog posts, and email campaigns.
    • Monitor and analyze social media and website analytics to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Content Creation:
    • Participate in the creation of compelling and authentic content that aligns with our brand values.
    • Assist in developing visual and written content for product descriptions, marketing materials, and blog posts.
    • Contribute ideas to enhance the storytelling aspect of our brand through various media.
  • Brand Positioning and Differentiation:
    • Research competitors and market trends to identify opportunities for brand positioning.
    • Work with the team to articulate and communicate our brand’s unique selling proposition.
    • Assist in creating marketing materials that effectively convey our commitment to sustainability and product differentiation.


  • Strong interest in sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and environmental responsibility.
  • Basic understanding of e-commerce and digital marketing concepts.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team and adapt to a fast-paced environment.
  • Proficiency or at least familiarity with graphic design tools and AI.

Thesis description:  Comparative Analysis of CO2 Sequestration and Biomass Yield of Renewable Plant Materials

Title: Comparative Analysis of CO2 Sequestration and Biomass Yield of Renewable Plant Materials

Objective: This internship project aims to investigate and compare the annual CO2 storage and biomass production per hectare of various renewable raw materials such as bamboo, miscanthus, hemp, and traditional trees. The study will determine which plant species offers the most efficient and effective value per hectare of land.

Research Tasks:

  1. Literature Review: Conduct a thorough review of existing literature on the CO2 sequestration and biomass production capabilities of bamboo, miscanthus, hemp, and traditional tree species.
  2. Data Collection:Gather and analyze data on annual CO2 storage and biomass yield per hectare for each plant species.
  3. Comparative Analysis:Compare the efficiency and effectiveness of each plant species in terms of CO2 sequestration and biomass yield per hectare.
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment: Examine the environmental impacts of cultivating each plant species, considering factors such as water usage, soil health, and biodiversity effects.

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