About VUvereniging

We are a network of friends of the VU. Our broad social association connects the special identity of the VU with society. Together with VU, we work towards a better world, focused on justice, humanity and responsibility for each other and the world. Each year, we subsidise with EUR 1 million special projects and activities at the intersection of scientific education, research, care and society. The VU Association is there for everyone who supports the VU.

Why a partnership with VU Entrepreneurship & Impact?

Since its foundation, VU has been an entrepreneurial university. The VU has produced many entrepreneurs and without entrepreneurship the VU Amsterdam would never have come about. After all, some of VU’s founders were entrepreneurs, such as Amsterdam brewer Willem Hovy. The VU’s green savings boxes later proved to be a brilliant concept. Talk about an enterprising university!  Entrepreneurship is not just about investing and making money. Almost any real entrepreneur can tell us that. The VU stimulates an entrepreneurial attitude of students and employees to work towards a better world. Daring to take risks and be creative, seeing and seizing opportunities – that characterises the entrepreneur. This also includes an eye for justice, humanity and responsibility for each other and the world. The VU creates the entrepreneurs of today and the future: climate neutral, circular, inclusive, with a fair price. This requires innovation, perseverance and imagination. For real impact from enterprising people, the VU Association is the place to be. For this reason, the VU Association supports the VU Student Startup Competition of VU-ondernemend.nl. VU students who participate compete for the award for best social entrepreneurship startup and best sustainable startup.

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