Mentors for startups

Are you a seasoned (startup) entrepreneur?

Would you like to share this experience with young entrepreneurs? Get in touch with us! And who knows, you might join the pool of VU alumni mentors for startups who help our startups to the next pivot or growth phase!

We already have over 60 VU alumni willing to help the young entrepreneurs with their first steps. Each year we will organise a meeting with these mentors so they can get to know each other and learn from each other. In addition, we offer all mentors a training: Startup mentor. This training is provided by our Talent & Knowledge partner GrowthFactory and lasts 2 x 2 hours. The training covers the basics of the GrowthFactory method for successful growth: the Entrepreneur’s Journey. This method deals with the fears, resistances and rewards that every entrepreneur faces from start-up onwards. The Startup Toolkit that you will have in your hands after the training, will help the starting entrepreneur to grow into the next phase in a focused and effective way.

Mail us at if you are interested in being a mentor. It is unpaid and takes at least 1 hour per week. But you get so much in return ?

Contact Hans Drenth at

GrowthFactory is Talent & Knowledge partner of VU Entrepreneurship & Impact. Growth Factory guides and coaches entrepreneurs. Learn more about their approach.

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