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VU StartHub

The campus hotspot for VU startups. Low rent, fast internet, good coffee and mentoring.

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Demonstrator Lab - VU Entrepreneurship + Impact

Demonstrator Lab

Where entrepreneurial academics become academic entrepreneurs - take your first entrepreneurial…

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European Student Startup Competition

European Student Startup Competition

Stage Two is the competition for the best startups from European universities.

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VU startup pitch meetings

Pitch your startup (idea) every last Thursday of the month!

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VU - Amsterdam Startup Launch

Amsterdam Startup Launch

From business idea to business plan in 11 interactive sessions!

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Master Entrepreneurship - VU Entrepreneurship + Impact

MSc Entrepreneurship

The VU + UvA offer the Master Entrepreneurship. An intensive, 1-year crash course in…

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VU Amsterdam students brainstorm ideas with sticky notes to solve a legal challenge set by the Startup Clinic Minor course

Startup Clinic

Participants in the Startup Clinic provide lawyer supervised legal advice to VU startups.

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ASIF Ventures - VU Ondernemend

ASIF Ventures

ASIF Ventures provides startup funding to students and recent graduates, starting at €25K.

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ACE - VU Entrepreneurship + Impact

ACE Incubator

The incubation programme that grows startups based on academic knowledge.

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IXA - VU Entrepreneuship + Impact

IXA Amsterdam

IXA helps academic researchers create value from their knowledge and expertise.

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Subliem - ondernemend - VU Entrepreneurship + Impact


Mini incubator of study association Sublime, for entrepreneurial SBI students.

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Enactus NL bijeenkomst 2019

Enactus VU

Enactus VU is a student organization of 65,000 students who create social enterprises.

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VU Ondernemend - training Religion for dummies

Religion for dummies

'Religion for dummies': for journalists who know nothing about it but have to deal with it.

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Top Ondernemers Regeling - Entrepreneurship + Impact

Top Entrepreneurs Arrangement

The TEA (under construction) helps students who are running a business during their studies

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Whether you are a successful business leader or a first-time entrepreneur, we have opportunities for you to get involved.

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