The Startup Clinic is a perfect way to discover how law really works in practice. The clinic is a minor course for law students. Under the guidance of experienced attorneys, you’ll provide legal advice to real VU startups.

Everyone benefits: the students get to discover the challenges entrepreneurs root for, the startups get free advice on a topic they usually really need help with, and the firms get to meet law students with an entrepreneurial streak.

(Notarized) law students can participate in the Startup Clinic in their third year of study. There are three options:

  • You are a VU student participating in the General Law Practice or Tax Law minor. You can choose the Startup Clinic as an elective in the aforementioned minors. This means that if you meet the entrance requirements you can apply for the course.
  • You are a VU student not participating in one of the aforementioned minors. If you are participating in a minor other than the aforementioned minors, you can take the course extra curricularly. Please note that you must meet the entrance requirements.
  • You are not a VU student. Through the examination board you can request permission to participate in the Startup Clinic. Do you find this difficult? You can always contact the Faculty of Law for questions.

The course builds on existing knowledge, which is why we think it is important that you have successfully completed the courses in Company Law and Law of Legal Persons (V&R) and Contract Law. If you come from another university, we determine on a case-by-case basis whether you have the necessary prior knowledge.

Wil je graag deelnemen aan de Startup Clinic? Dat vinden we leuk om te horen! We starten in november 2021 met de eerste lichting van 14 studenten. Naar verwachting kun je je vanaf eind mei/begin juni 2020 hiervoor aanmelden.

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