The ConnecCie program is part of study association Sublime, linked to the Bachelor and Master Science, Business and Innovation. Entrepreneurship is in this study association’s blood. Since its existence, a good number of successful ventures have been launched, ranging from tech startups, consultancy services to clothing lines. The ConnecCie program assists students with a business idea who want to start their own company.

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Study association Subliem is for all Bachelor and Master students Science, Business and Innovation. Besides support for your entrepreneurial ambitions and a 15% discount on study books, the close-knit study association offers an extensive social program with 20 drinks, 7 career events and 5 trips per year.

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Sign up as a member and contribute to one of the twelve committees within the association for which new members are sought each year, ConnecCie is one of them.

For questions about your membership, or other questions related to your registration, you can reach the association at

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