About GrowthFactory

GrowthFactory’s Business Coaches bring razor sharp images of what is needed to grow a business. Our sustainable method for successful growth helps entrepreneurs multiply value in a focused way in every growth phase. Our method is called: the Entrepreneur’s Journey. Because entrepreneurship is a journey that you embark on with enthusiasm from the very beginning. We believe in entrepreneurs who grow from their passion. From that unique motive, owners build a valuable company that means something in euros, for their customers and for society. That is future-proof entrepreneurship. It’s how you make your value real.

Why a partnership with VU Entrepreneurship & Impact?

The Startup mentor training gives VU alumni the power and tools to guide enthusiastic, entrepreneurial students through the hectic process of starting a business. In 2 x 2 hours you get the basics of our coaching method for successful growth. With our Startup Toolkit you will bring starting entrepreneurs to the next phase of growth in a focused and effective way. This way you will contribute to our goal to increase the number of successful startups in the Netherlands (currently 90%* do not make it through the difficult startup phase). This is good for innovation in the Netherlands, our international trade position and employment.

VU alumni who have/get a taste for mentoring are invited to participate in the follow-up course Business Coaching Essentials. This course teaches you how to coach companies specifically through the phases after startup. It also ensures your sustainable development.

Want to know more about GrowthFactory and our method of the Entrepreneur’s Journey? Read more about GrowthFactory.


* Chamber of Commerce figures

GrowthFactory - partner VU Entrepreneurship & Impact

Left to right: Robert Schulze, Roos van Harderwijk and Karin Verhagen, GrowthFactory partners with Hans Drenth