IXA-GO is a connecting party between Amsterdam universities and those interested in their research results and knowledge. She links between companies, educational institutions, investors, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, governments and civil society organizations. As an interface, it applies its expertise in both directions: helping researchers generate social and economic impact from their work, and helping external parties navigate the academic landscape to find a solution or spot an opportunity.

Within the VU, IXA-GO works closely with the Demonstrator Lab and VU StartHub.

IXA-GO helps researchers create value from their knowledge and expertise. We help them collaborate with third parties, assist them in managing intellectual property, provide support for starting new ventures and activities, and offer legal support. IXA-GO also manages financial instruments to support the further development of their ideas and businesses.

In addition, with the expertise of the Grant Support Team, the IXA UvA and IXA HvA teams support employees of the UvA, HvA, AHK and KNAW HuC in seeking research funding or applying for research grants. The use of their expertise increases the chances of success. IXA has a team per university ready to help.

Our people are ready to help you realize impact from your research. Whether you want to make an arrangement to protect your IP, set up a collaboration between a company and a research institute, or need help drafting a contract.

Contact us and let us help you with this.