About Madglove

Madglove has set out to develop an orthosis that improves hand function of stroke survivors by combating spasticity. This is a common post-stroke symptom, occurring in about 25% of survivors, and it greatly affects everyday life tasks. Madalina (Romania), Cara (Germany/USA), David (Switzerland) and Tobi (Nigeria) came together during their master program and decided to take on this journey together. All four of us initially became scientists in order to have a positive impact on people’s lives. We are passionate about Madglove because it aligns perfectly with this mission. Through the access to the supportive, entrepreneurial environment created in the Demonstrator Lab, we have been able to grow and learn so many new  things. When we heard about the ASIF pitch competition in January 2022 we were intrigued by the potential of winning a spot in the VU StartHub. We are all still novice entrepreneurs and we believe that being one of the first companies in the StartHub will enable us to really integrate into the community and make the largest impact for our company and for the next generation of VU StartHub members. As we all come to the end of our master’s degrees we move towards the most exciting and dynamic time for Madglove.

Why the VU StartHub?

In the StartHub we will continue to develop our product and our brand. We want Madglove to be developed with patients for patients so we can create a subtle, easy-to-use, customizable and intuitive orthosis that will improve the quality-of-life of hundreds of thousands of stroke survivors all around the world.