About deBetastudent

deBetaStudent offers all students following a technical education the opportunity to easily find the ideal internship, work-study, or even a full-time job!

The team of deBetaStudent wants to build the bridge between students and companies. We believe that students and companies can find each other by offering a clear and fast platform.

deBetaStudent was created after the observation that most students have a lot of time, but often do not know how to use it optimally. Students are already of enormous value during their education and can get involved even before they enter the job market. We bring students into contact with the business world by sharing events and vacancies through various channels. This could be a work-study position, for example, which allows students to not only earn some extra money, but also gain a lot of experience. Students who are already approaching graduation can come to us for graduation internships and full-time positions to make the first step into the business world.

In addition to being in frequent contact with companies, we also communicate with students. Interested students can register for our pool, this gives us a better idea of what the student needs and together we can figure out the best next step. Through the pool, our site and our socials, students are kept informed of everything we have to offer. Our team consists of students and former students, so we help from our own experience with the resources and opportunities we have.

Why the VU StartHub?

We still have many ideas and ambitions to expand deBetaStudent. It seems great to us to have our own space to make these things happen and to be supported by the StartHub mentors. Besides that, it is super instructive and fun to exchange information with the other entrepreneurs and get inspiration from each other. We also share the same vision as the VU StartHub: make entrepreneurship more accessible. With us, you can learn how to be an entrepreneur during your studies at deBetaStudent.

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