About Spullenbaas

Spullenbaas helps people to get rid of unwanted house stock affairs.

Are you an exchange student or an expat and do you return home? Are you moving to a smaller home or did one of your (grand) parents die and don’t you know what to do with all the furniture? Spullenbaas helps you to clear out your house.

The name ‘Spullenbaas’ literally translated to word the ‘Stuffboss’ or better put boss of stuff. The name refers to the vernacular name of the ‘one’ responsible for moving the circus from one destination to another.

Our goal:

With our ‘getting the job’ done mentality, we unburden people with the clearance of house stock affairs. This not only helps to clear out the house but also the minds of our customers. “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within a clean environment” Marie Kondo. Besides, we give everything a second life as much as possible. Hence, you also help the environment.

Why the VU StartHub?

Becoming an entrepreneur brings along a lot of challenges. Much more than the primary goal of your business. You are ought to be an expert in almost every field. Since I founded Spullenbaas by myself it is very helpful to get together with other entrepreneurs to exchange ideas. Besides the mentoring program of the VU Start Hub appealed to me.

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