About Vini Mini

It remains an exciting moment: the first bite of egg or peanut you give to your baby. Although most babies are spared an allergic reaction, founder Laurie found herself in a horror scenario. Her 6-month-old baby Viggo was found to be allergic to egg and went into anaphylactic shock. After a blood-curdling ride to the hospital, Viggo thankfully survived. To spare parents a similar traumatic experience, Laurie Lancee and Jozien Boersma founded Vini Mini: healthy, easy and reliable food supplements that help prevent food allergies in babies.

Unfortunately Viggo is not alone, currently 7% of all babies in the Netherlands have a food allergy. This number has doubled in the last ten years and is still increasing. However, scientific research shows that a risk of a peanut and egg allergy is reduced by giving babies peanuts and egg to eat early and regularly. For many parents, adding allergens to their baby’s diet is a complicated and time-consuming process. This is where Vini Mini aims to provide a solution with their healthy, convenient and reliable nutritional supplements for babies, which are based on scientific research and doctors’ guidelines.

Vini Mini now offers peanut nutritional supplements and is developing nutritional supplements for other allergens in conjunction with universities and physicians. Laurie and Jozien strive for a future where all Minis have a carefree and healthy life without food allergy! That is why they feel at home in an environment where there can be cooperation, research and development.


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